Go Ospreys!

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I graduated from the University of North Florida with a literature degree, which means I did nothing but read for four years, and then I went back in for another two for a graduate degree = more reading, reading, reading. Basically, six years of reading novels and yakking about them with others who shared the love. What a wonderful time it was. I was invited to do an interview this week on UNF’s “Osprey Radio,” which was a real privilege. Thank you to Joanna Norris for the invitation and the chat.

2 thoughts on “Go Ospreys!

  1. I first read about Laura and her book in the UNF Alumni magazine. I was intrigued so read Heart of Palm. I live in Sweetwater, in Jacksonville so I identify with the location and characters in her book. It is fabulous and I will tell everyone I know to read it.

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