Mountain Time

Hard to come back from North Carolina, where the grass smells sweet and the air is cool and dry. In Florida it’s all mosquitoes and humidity these days. I read Wiley Cash’s spooky novel A LAND MORE KIND THAN HOME, which is set in the mountains of western North Carolina and made for a fantastic addition to the trip. Also Roald Dahl, Richard Ford and Paul Harding. Thanks, gentlemen.

Here’s a friend we came across on a trail walk:


Just back from New York City, a week’s stay in a lovely Brooklyn condo courtesy of generous friends. My first time to the city. We took the Q train to Manhattan every morning, staggered back exhausted and exhilarated every night. (To put it in perspective: St. Augustine, where I live, is home to approximately 12,000 residents. We have a Target and the Showboat Car Wash, but you won’t find a public bus, a designer shoe or an escalator anywhere. A town without an escalator! It’s true.) Anyway, great meetings with the brilliant folks at Grove/Atlantic and Sobel Weber. Once again astounded and privileged to be playing in this arena. The book is headed to typesetting; it’s an exciting world, these days.

Here’s my first glimpse of the city from the taxi on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. If you’re my age and you’ve never seen this before, it’s a pretty big deal:

And here’s my pretty mum, searching the rows of Calvary Cemetery in Queens for our nineteenth-century Irish family:

Rosemary Beach

This was fun: The Rosemary Beach Spring Writers’ Conference. The conference is gaining ground–I met with some amazing writers and poets last week. Great to see you all: Tony, Tony, Bob, Bob, Susan, Susan, (these things happen), Caren, Becky, Brenda, Claire, Nicole, Cyndi, Sherri, Diana, Maddy, Malayne, Robert, Miles, Elmore, John C., Rick, Lynne, Leonard, Kim, Phoebe, Cindy and John. And the others I may have left out. Tony Simmons put together a nice recap here: Thanks, everyone!! See you next year.

(You tend to see extraordinarily cute things in Rosemary Beach…)