For Book Groups

I am happy to participate in book groups! Please contact me to arrange a visit and/or Skype chat. You can find a Reading Group Guide for HEART OF PALM here.

7 thoughts on “For Book Groups

  1. Hello Laura,

    I was so pleased to meet you Monday night at the Ponte Vedra Library. My book club is reading your book and would love to have a skype visit with you. We are a group of teachers from Jacksonville.

    Susan Hawkins

  2. Hi Laura,
    I just finished Heart of Palm, and wow, wow, what a great book. You’re a beautiful writer, with that special ability to make the reader feel like they really “know” your characters, and you also give them so much heart & soul. I saw your book reviewed online and recommended it to my book club. We’re located in the Orlando area and always try to include a Florida book in our list. By far, yours was the Best. Florida. Book. Ever.! I know everyone is going to love it as much as I did. It’s our first selection of the year for our meeting in September and I can’t wait to discuss it. I don’t know if you’ve considered it, but I’d sure love to read a sequel someday for Frank and his new life. Thanks so much for such a great read.
    Nancy Potter

    • Nancy, I so appreciate your note. This is my first novel, and you can’t know what it means to hear that readers are responding to the characters. Thank you for reaching out. Best wishes, Laura

  3. Hi Laura,

    Are you going to be in St. Augustine anytime soon, as my book club would love to see you and we are planning on reading your book. I have read good reviews on your book, and I think that is great for this being your first novel.

    Karon DeMarino

  4. Hi Laura. Our book club (which you helped start!) is looking forward to spending tomorrow evening with you discussing your wonderful book, Heart of Palm. See you soon!
    Judy Hinton

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