To order THE ICE HOUSE, (Release Date 12/5/17), HEART OF PALM, BEST AMERICAN SHORT STORIES 2015, or NEW STORIES FROM THE SOUTH: THE YEAR’S BEST, 2010, check the links below. Please consider supporting independent bookstores!



11 thoughts on “Order

  1. I’ve just finished ready your novel and loved it even though it did make me a little nervous since I have dating granddaughters. It was a copy that you autographed for our favorite mail person, Eileen. I would like to purchase two, one for my sister who lived in St. Augustine for a short time and one for my daughter-in-law, a teacher at Otis Mason. How do I get them autographed? I love the idea as it makes the gift so much more personal. Should I purchase the books first or do you have the copies to sell?
    Thank you,
    Lorraine Di Gregorio
    BayView Healthcare on Marine St.

  2. I read Heart of Palm last summer and fell in love with it, I’ve just started to read it a second time this summer because I can’t help myself. I’m a young filmmaker, so I picture books as movies often. Your novel in my opinion could be adapted into an incredible movie, and if I were you I would look into that option. It has incredible characters that could be amazing in a film!
    I’m looking forward to your possible novels in the future, I love your writing.

  3. Hi Laura!
    I am a college student and decided to select your short story “Unsafe at Any Speed” for my final essay. You are an incredible writer, love your work.

  4. Recently read “Unsafe at Any Speed” in Best American Short Stories. Absolutely loved it! You had me laughing out loud, rooting for Theo Bitner from the very first line, cheering for him throughout. And when I got to the last line, I went back to the beginning and read the story again. It was that good. Just wanted to say thank you!

  5. I just read “Unsafe at any speed” in the Best American Short Stories of 2015. Incredible story. Reignited my love for the form. I can’t wait to read more of your work. Any chance of a story collection soon?

      • Hey Laura,
        Excited you have a novel coming out! I am a Chicago-area librarian, so I will make sure we have your book on order.

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